Coconuts: The New Superfood

Have you gone nuts for coconuts yet? 

Superfoods have come and gone, from blueberries to kale, yet coconut was an unlikely contender to reach this status. Brown, hairy, and difficult to crack into, coconuts were long considered at the bottom of the usable fruit chart. But as recently as 2011, public sentiment about coconuts and coconut oil began to change.


It has been said that if you were marooned on a desert island, a coconut would be all you need for survival.

This is because it contains lauric acid, which is one of the primary ingredients in breast milk (and the shells can be used as a cooking pot in a pinch). Not only can this food nourish your body, it can soothe your skin, hair, and increase brain clarity.

So what can coconut oil do for you?

Despite the stigma against saturated fats, coconut oil can actually help you lose weight! This is thanks to its short and medium chain fatty acids, which go directly to your liver and are immediately converted into energy rather than being stored as fat. They also help to stimulate your metabolism and increase activity of the thyroid, further aiding weight loss in a natural, healthy way. But no worries- although coconuts are naturally sweet, it contains no fructose so you won’t face a sugar rush with a crash!

Who else uses coconut oil?

Everyone from Dr. Oz to Martha Stewart uses coconut oil. Model, Miranda Kerr, was quoted as saying, “I will not go a day without coconut oil- I put it on my salads or in cups of green tea.” We feel the same way!

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