How to Reuse Skinny & Co. Jars to Celebrate Earth Day!

To celebrate Earth Day, we wondered what we could do to encourage you to reuse and "upcycle" your empty, Skinny & Co. glass jars. While scooping out the last bit of coconut oil goodness from our jars is extremely satisfying (a bamboo spoon works great for that, by the way), once it's empty, what do you do with the jar? Well, we've got a few ideas for you!

Why do we use glass jars?

We believe in being transparent with how we source and manufacture all of our products. Glass is one way we do that. It helps us guarantee that no harmful chemicals are present in the ingredients of our products. Glass jars help us to maintain the integrity of our products and to ensure quality is up to our standards.

And unlike plastic, glass is always recyclable. However, you could always upcycle it instead. Below are some ideas on how to do that.

Creative Ways to Upcycle The Skinny Jars

Grow herbs and spices

The 8 oz jar is tall enough to be used to make your own DIY herb garden. Simply fill with soil, place your favorite herb seeds inside, water, and place on your windowsill.

You can find the 8 oz jar as packaging for our raw, virgin coconut oil.

Pencil, pen, or paintbrush holder

The tall, skinny shape of our 16 oz jar is perfect for holding pens and pencils, paintbrushes, or makeup brushes. Decorate the jar and use as a cute gift for a teacher or coworker! 

Be original with the original jar

The 16 oz jar can also be used to make overnight oats, to hold cold beverages or smoothies, or as a vase to hold fresh flowers. Some people have even used this jar to make their own candles.

How do YOU upcycle your jars? 

Tell us on Facebook and Instagram about your favorite ways to use empty glass jars. Post a pic if you can - we’d love to see your creative ideas. (We might even share a few!)

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