What Makes Skinny Coconut Oil Different?

People often get swayed by other brands of coconut oil that use the tags “pure” and “virgin”, often misleading the public on the extraction process of their coconut oil. At Skinny Coconut Oil we stand by our claims that our brand is 100% pure and virgin. And we take it further by stating that Skinny Coconut Oil is RAW and 100% different.

According to the dictionary, raw is an adjective used to describe something in its natural state – not treated or prepared and when it comes to food, it is not cooked. This is how Skinny Coconut Oil is prepared – heat is never applied during its extraction from quality coconuts, making it possible to be able to experience and enjoy the maximum benefits 100% pure coconut oil has to offer.

Raw, Extra Virgin, Unrefined, Cold Pressed Skinny Coconut Oil

How is Skinny Coconut Oil Extracted?

Common extraction methods for extracting coconut oil involve heat. Heat destroys the most important component in coconut oil, medium-chain fatty acids, that include the very potent lauric acid. Why settle for a few benefits when you can have them all?

Our never-before seen technology was developed by a brilliant scientist who developed airplane parts for Lockheed Martin and spent 20 years contemplating how to get a raw coconut in a jar! Born in Vietnam but educated in Canada and the US, he recognized that our diet was missing was the raw, young green coconut that dominates their diet in Southeast Asia.

People living in this region virtually have no obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, autism, diabetes and a myriad of other problems that we suffer from! Our scientist recognized that by switching other oils and fats for a truly raw, alkaline, enzyme laden, MCA coconut oil, he could change the lives and health of North America. What he knew was that all other oils had to be heated in some way to extract the oil from a coconut. He went back to his birthplace in the Vietnamese jungle and set up a small coconut oil producing plant right in the heart of the jungle. This is where he developed his patented Nutralock technology. Before this discovery, extracting raw coconut oil was impossible.

What Makes Our Extraction Process Different?

We de-humidify the coconut meat using cool air rather than dry it with heat and the we extract the coconut oil using hand-screw presses at room temperature, keeping it raw. The oil is then filtered to remove impurities down to 5 microns leaving it white as snow, smooth, and eliminating the smoky nutty smell that some coconut oils can have when they are heated. Skinny Coconut Oil is extra virgin, 100% pesticide free, all-natural, raw coconut oil that is cold pressed at room temperatures below 115° F and is perfect for use in raw diets. This process takes about three times longer, but ensures your Skinny Coconut Oil is never heated past room temperature, preserving nutrients and keeping your coconut oil the way nature intended.

Most other "virgin coconut oils" are expeller-pressed or centrifuge-processed at the temperatures above 115°F making the nutrient content of coconut oil poor. Not all cold pressed coconut oil can be classified as raw coconut oil, but Skinny Coconut Oil is the closest coconut oil can come to its natural state.

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