What's the difference between raw and virgin coconut oil?

Choosing a coconut oil can be confusing, and many people end up believing raw and virgin coconut oil are the same. This is not necessarily true, however. It depends on the manufacturing process used to make the coconut oil.

Making sense of how coconut oil is made and marketed

Virgin coconut oil, depending on its method of extraction, can be exposed to heat. Raw coconut oil is never exposed to heat. So not all virgin coconut oil is raw, but all raw coconut oil is virgin!

Confused? Don't be. Most companies are just using marketing gimmicks, to sell their mediocre oil. Here's how to see past it and buy the highest quality oil available.

There are several types of coconut oil on the market. The common labels are refined vs. unrefined. Unrefined coconut oil is usually called virgin, or pure coconut oil. Others describe their oil through its method of extraction; cold-pressed, expeller-pressed or centrifuged. Take note that expeller pressed and cold-pressed oils don’t necessarily mean “raw”. These oils can be heated to high temperatures during the extraction process.

Virgin coconut oil can be pure, like raw coconut oil, but raw coconut oil goes through the minimum amount of processing.

When we say processing, aside from the extraction process, it also means how many steps, machines, or containers coconut oil goes through before you get the final product. This may mean that fresh coconuts are used as sources, but ask yourself: how long do the coconuts get processed or kept in the factory before it is extracted?

What makes Skinny Coconut Oil different

Skinny Coconut Oil is always 100% unrefined, virgin, and most importantly, raw. Our coconuts are handpicked fresh by farmers in the Ben Tre jungle and taken straight to our nearby factory. Every coconut goes through our patented NutraLock™ System as soon as they are picked. This results with the least amount of processing possible.

Raw and virgin coconut oil can both be pure, but they differ in their processing. Virgin coconut oil can be exposed to heat and undergo several steps during processing. Remember, the less processing a food undergoes, the higher the more nutrition it retains. Processing removes and destroys nutrients. Raw coconut oil is the purest form of coconut oil you can get, allowing you to receive the maximum benefits it has to offer.


Ultimately? We have your back. Every single one of our products is "Raw" and "Virgin'. Our extraction process and filtering methods ensure that our coconut oil is the purest on earth. But don't take our word for it; try Skinny Coconut Oil today!

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