Dignity Coconut Oil

  • 100% Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil
  • Centrifuge Extracted and Virgin
  • Raw and Unrefined

If you liked Skinny Coconut Oil from Skinny & Co., you’ll love Dignity Coconut Oil (affiliate link). Like Skinny and Company coconut oil, Dignity Coconut Oil ships in glass jars so there is no plastic to leach into the product – and because glass is infinitely recyclable or re-usable, it’s more sustainable for the environment.

The actual coconut oil is 100% pure and is “raw” because it stayed below 118°F during its extraction process. This “cold processing” preserve micronutrients by gently spinning the oil out of the fresh coconut meat so that it gets all the benefits of coconut.

Located in a pristine remote area of the Philippines, Dignity Coconuts are 100% organic and free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Their coconut farmers are trained in Organic farming methods, and each individual coconut tree is USDA Organic Certified.

And because the coconuts are never heated or refined, it has a natural, fresh smell and a mild taste that isn’t overpowering, making it perfect for coconut oil pulling and cooking; or using on skin and hair.
For the finest purity and freshness, Dignity Coconuts organic virgin coconut oil is processed, packaged, and sealed on-site in less than 12 hours after they first crack open the coconut.

Reversing systems of injustice against small farmers, Dignity Coconuts goes beyond Fair Trade to fight modern-day slavery by training, funding, and certifying our farmers, forming Co-ops to involve farmers in their pricing, and continuing their community development work.

Buy Dignity Coconut Raw Coconut Oil on Amazon (affiliate link), but don’t take my word for it. Here’s what others had to say about it: “This coconut oil is awesome!…Lovely light flavor and scent. Great when cooking and even better when used in and on my hair and body.”