Nutralock™ Technology

Our patented Nutralock™ technology has changed the coconut oil industry. We are the only company using cool, dry air to dehumidify the coconut meat before we cold press it using a hand-screw press, which keeps the oil under 100. The oil is then micro-filtered to remove any impurities.

Other “cold pressed” coconut oils are actually heated up to 120° F and then cold-pressed after the damage is already done. Skinny & Co. is the only coconut oil producer in the world adhering to truly raw standards.

Fresh coconuts used to make raw, virgin, unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil.

"From the award-winning coconuts to our one-of-a-kind process, we are committed to crafting the purest products available." - Luke Geddie, Founder and CEO of Skinny & Co.


Nutralock means no heat... ever.

Nutralock™ technology never applies heat. Instead, it uses cool air to dehumidify and a hand-screw press to extract the oil. This patented technology takes 3x longer than other processes and uses more than 12 coconuts for each 16 oz jar. The result is a smooth texture and creamy white color with a light fragrance--all signs of absolute purity. As a result, Skinny Coconut Oil has higher levels of the medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs) and allows your body to absorb the oil easier, enhancing its effectiveness.