Our Family

In 2007, our brother Matt became very sick with black mold poison, and treatment wasn't helping. Our mom, trying to save his life, explored alternatives to traditional medicine. She quickly learned that many products were hurting because of the impurity of their ingredients. Because of our mom's relentless commitment to holistic health, Matt started to recover. To this day, our brother's life fuels an intense, family-wide passion for pure and potent ingredients and products!

A few years later, in 2012, our brothers Luke and Matt traveled to Southeast Asia. They worked their way across the continent, but they were especially captivated by the friendly, hard-working, and family-oriented Vietnamese people. This experience in Vietnam so inspired Luke that he chose to stay for good.

While developing his own import-export company in Vietnam, Luke discovered - much like our mom had done years before - that many of the ingredients that were going to the US for products were full of impurities. Investigating deeper, Luke unearthed an innovative technology used to produce coconut oil without heat, chemicals, or solvents. After patenting this unique cold process, we launched Skinny in September 2013 with ten jars of coconut oil in our family's living room.

Today, we continue our never-ending push for better product quality through new processing technologies, strict sourcing standards, and controlling our entire supply chain from tree to table. Our direct connection to the communities where we source and make our products also uniquely equips us to give back to them. We invite you to join the family on our journey toward ever-increasing purity & potency!